Saturday, November 07, 2009

Product availability

We are so greatful to Faith Middleton and WNPR's Food Smooze for their continual mentioning of our products.

In addition we pass on a heartfelt thank you to The Hartford Courant, Linda Giuca and John Woike for a GREAT article and AWESOME pictures.

With all this advertizement many calls, e-mails and web site hits have prompted the need for an explaination on our availability.

As the article stated hang time for Spanish style hams is three years, our cross breeding program is 2/3rds completed and we won't have the final part until early next year, then the 3 year clock starts.

We will also do some normal hams with a year and also some with a 18 month hang time.

Because we treat our animals with respect we do not push them to get ready for your dining pleasure, when they are ready is when they go to slaughter.

That being said you also should know that because our birds and pigs are pastured, they are greatly affected by Sunlight intensity and duration (winter means less sun which means slower growth). Chickens as an example need 14 hours of light to produce an egg.

Being pastured also means you must have pasture, so chickens are seasonal and we at the end of our season with all being slaughtered in the next 3 weeks.

Currently we have 21 hogs growing, they have slowed down but are at about the weight they would be slaughtered IF we were a factory farm. Our pigs grown to over 300 pounds which gives them time to develop flavor and intermuscular marbling. It also gives them time to grow a bigger pork chop. Our chops are typically a pound a piece and 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches thick.

We are looking at early next year before the next batch of pork is available, this does not mean our hams, it means everything else. You see we do sell normal "hams" that are cured and smoked from fresh meat and ready within 2 weeks after slaughter...these are NOT real hams. They are what you are used to, what you love, but not real true country style hams.

So keep an eye on Deb's site and look for our chickens over the next 3 weeks, you can try our whole hog hot dogs until they run out which will happen soon.

You can try some of our pastured lard and you can read the benifits of it here on our blog.

Remember that beside being Humane we are particular with our products.

Great wine isn't made in a week, outstanding cheese doesn't age over night, holy smoke good pork takes a year and blow you away ham takes 3 years.

You can wait for the best and in the meantime try the rest.

Oh one more thing, yes we will do turkeys next year agan, we lost all but one this year. One huge bit of advise...start your turkey search NOW for next year, do not wait until November to find one.

Or you could order a Busty Broiler Chicken from Ct Farm Fresh Express and have it for Christmas dinner.



Taking time to do right by the customer and the animal.


Anonymous Edmund said...

It seems like you have a good strategy in promoting your product. Could you please give some ideas on how to create a brand identity that will become success in market place? Thank you.

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Anonymous Pierre said...

This is a great article and has good information. I think, your cross breeding program will produce a very good product and meat quality is excellent. And I'm sure your customers will be more satisfied and happy with your product.

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