Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bundle Packs

Bundle of pork: Each bundle contains about 25 pounds of the best pork we can raise. At least 2 packs of chops and 2 smoked shoulders, 5 packs of Nitrite free smoked bacon and 5 packs of smoked ham steaks. 1 pack of Fat Back. $10.00 per pound.

Here is what is in our bundle packs:

Chops: Bone in rib and loin chops cut 1 ¼ to 1/12 inches thick. Moist and Flavorful, from our pastured pigs. Plan to serve 1 chop per person. 2 chops per package. $15.00 per pound.

Smoked Ham steaks: Small, one or two steaks per package. Cut from the center of smoked hams. $10.00 per pound.

Smoked shoulder: The “arm” or lower part of the front shoulder. The bone remains for even more flavor. Plan to serve ¾ pound per person. $8.50 Per pound.

Smoked Nitrite free bacon: you have not yet had real bacon until you have tried this.
$14.75 per pound.

Pastured Lard: THE best there is, see our blog for information on the benefits of eating PASTURED lard. You have not had a good French fry until you have cooked them in our lard. $4.00 per pound


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