Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is she the answer

Ever since we started this business I have been the worlds worst businessman.

In all fairness I am so tuned to expanding and working with the animals, clearing land, weed whacking fence line in lieu of using weed killers, keeping on top of growth, working a part time (almost full time) job that I do not have time to answer e-mails, phone calls etc.

By using the Ct Farm Fresh folks it allows me to be what I want to be, the best farmer producing the most humanely raised, healthy happy animals in Ct. I don't have to worry about orders, all I have to do is tell them what I have available in pork, beef and mushrooms, and in the case of chickens what live chickens are ready to go.

They do all the rest so I am thinking that soon if you want Footsteps Farm products, live chickens, pork products, quarter/half/whole hogs, heritage turkeys, eggs etc you will have to go through them to get it.

This will eliminate the frustration our customers have with our BUSINESS Office (me) and it will eliminate the stress I have of knowing I suck at business.

Time will tell if this relationship will work for all involved but at this point it looks pretty good to me.




Blogger Kevin and Beth said...

Hi, I'm sorry to ask this question in your comment section but I tried to email and had a problem. Anyway, I was wondering if you still sell the cryovac bags. I'm having trouble finding a supplier.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me just say that we have been shopping through CT Farm Fresh Express since Deb Marsden started it and have been nothing but thrilled with the process! Deb does a fantastic job. Glad to hear that you'll be joining forces. The more farmers that are involved, the easier it is for us consumers to the vast majority of our shopping from you.

Thanks for giving the critters a good life. . . .

3:25 PM  

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