Friday, July 24, 2009

Whole Hog Frankfurters

Have you ever REALLY looked at the back of a hot dog package??
As you can see ours have pork (in this case 100%) salt, sugar, spices and lamb caseings.
If you look at commercial dogs they have "Mechanically seperated meat, water, corn syrup, salt. potassium lactate, phosphates, flavorings, partially hydrolyzed stock, sodium diacetate, ascorbic (vitamin c) sodium nitrite, extractives of paprika."
This particular batch of franks are "Whole Hog" Frankfurters, in other words in stead of using trim as we have in the past and most all of the other local farms use (nothing wrong with it) we are using the entire pig: tenderloins, hams, shoulders, chops etc so you end up with a far superior product than just the trim. While our trim franks are suburb, these franks are like "tenderloins in a tube"
Our pigs are on pasture 365, they are supplemented with whey from Beltane farm (which means they get natural probiotics and are healthier than other pigs who do not get this). Our pigs also get apple cider vinegar in their water which we all take. Sheryl and I take a mixture of 4 cups of apple cider, 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup of my brother Curt's honey. We pour this into a iced double shot glass and take 3 a day.
All of our animals and birds get apple cider vinegar, they are healthier, have more tender meat, put on weight faster, have shiney coats and feathers and improved flavor.
These frankfurters are not always available because of the potential loss of income if we sold tenderloins, chops etc we could get a lot more money. One or twice a year we do this as a special treat to us and our select customers. We do not raise the price but sell them for the same amount as our trim dogs.
Order a few pounds today and you too will want to serve a good wine with these uncommon franks.


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