Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farm tour

We had a really nice beginning Farmer Tour thanks to Joyce Meader last weekend.

We were honored to have so many nice folks come and see what we are doing and maybe learning what to do and what not to do. As long as they learned something the tour was a success.

I don't even mind if they come away with feeling they can do better because they learned what not to do from us.

Busy today mowing the 4 acre lot and am in for lunch. The bees were not happy to see me and the how hut fronts that I left in the pasture all summer were full of wasps, but I outsmarted them and got the fronts moved so I can mow over their damn nest.

Got the cows moved into the oxpasture, all except for the newst calf Allen who is not happy being left behind and seperated from his Mother. He is together with Anna and Nilla the goat.

I had wanted to catch him anyway, castrate him and then work with the two calfs as an ozen team, big ideas, not much time.

Our hotdogs, hamburger and meat sales have convinced us of the need to get bigger and diversify. So we are in the process of trying to get two Angus/Hereford Heifers, one for meat sales the other to breed with Newt.

Also because of the tour this past weekend we really hit the jack pot by getting to know Bill Farrell more, what a great guy and what a head on his shoulders. He is raising the Old English Black hog and has put us in contact with the breeder he got them from. We are now trying to work on getting a couple of Old Blacks so we can cross the Blacks and the Tams.

These blacks are the same kind of pig used in Spain that are acorn fed and sell the hams for THOUSANDS of dollars. WHile we are not interested in selling anything like that we do hope that the cross breeding and the opening of a ten acre woodlot of oak trees will make our customers very happy.

Our friend and great webmaster Sarah has 74 pages of stuff for my journal, she like us is straight out with work and will get the site up dated as soon as she can.

We are also working on a written self guided tour of the farm which will also be on the web site.

Lunch is done, time to go back to mowing.




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