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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The turkey gets even

During the five hour filming with Channel 61 one of the things they wanted to film was me holding a turkey, I carried a bourbon red around for about 20 minutes. It is amazing how strong they are so I hold them on my left side, my arm around them and with my right hand I hold on to both feet, they can really ware you out if they aren't comfortable and want to get away.

After his filming I put him back in the turkey tractor and then we went to film John (the TV reporter) and I walking down our driveway.

During the walk I had put my hand in my pocket and then wiped my shirt, I noticed a spot on my shirt and was concerned that the camera would pick it up, I decided it wasn't anything to worry about.

A short time later I reached in my pocket to get my cell phone to check the time, I pulled the cell out and it was covered with the biggest load of grass green turkey poop I have ever seen, that turkey pooped right in my pocket and all over the phone, I then got it on my shirt, I guess he was getting even for being carried around while his friends were eating in their turkey tractor.

Who ever said turkeys were dumb hasn't been around them much.

Certified Humane Inspection

We are VERY excited and somewhat apprehensive that our first inspection from the Certified Humane folks will happen the first week in November.

A lot has change since we first sent in the ton of paperwork and we realize we will have to change a few things but it is a start and we are looking forward to learning what we can do to make life for our critters more enjoyable for them.

We'll keep you posted on our progress.



Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Son

Today is Jaime's birthday and I thought that just because he is no longer with us in body he should still get a happy birthday. I took today off to be with him out in the woods.....unless you have experienced this deadful feeling you don't know how much it hurts to loose a child.

I love you Jaime and Happy Birthday.

Love Dad

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fox Channel 61

John Charlton and his gutsy camera man Earl were at the farm this past Saturday, John had contacted me about doing a piece on the farm and I had assumed it would be a 30 minute shoot and a 15 to 30 second piece on the nightly news....

WOW !!! What a great job they did getting the material, they were here for five hours and anyone who can get a camera in Newt the bull's face while he is eating has got guts!!! Earl got his exercise and he ran from shot to shot, went through 5 batteries and I think 6 tapes.

John had asked if I had anyone who could do an on air testimonial, I asked Van Brown if he and his wife Beth could do that and they agreed. They spent a good 30 minutes or more being questioned and providing their thoughts on our products, I purposely did not listen to the interview as I want to see it on the air just like anyone else. A heart felt THANK YOU to both of them.

Olive the 600 pound sow provided some pig nose moisture to Earls camera, some turkeys got out, Andrew the calf bull ran and ran and ran around the pastures, the cows provided lots of moo's, chickens clucked, roosters crowed, turkeys gobbled and pigs squealed and grunted all for the sound tract to the clip.

John says he wished they could do a hour with what they have but it will probably be broken down in to a four or five minute piece and air the day before thanksgiving. A soon as I have a definate date and time I will post it here.

Many many thanks to Fox 61, John and Earl for the extrodinare effort they put in to this piece to show how important it is to treat your animals humanely and with kindness. The whole gang at Footsteps Farm in indebted to these folks for trying to tell the story of a small farm who is striving to make a difference in what people think of as real food.

If just one person steps out of the supermarket and on to a small farm that they find through a place like it will all be worth the effort.

Thanks John and Earl, Van and Beth, we'll be sure to add you to our invite list for our next pig roast.



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Granddaughters and piglets

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