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Sunday, April 23, 2006

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Sausage Tasting Results

The following post is by Sheryl

Sausage Tasting Results
April 22, 2006 at Footsteps Farm

Well, last night was a very successful evening. Our first sausage tasting party! This came about when Craig and I were talking about the seasonings in the sausage we currently get from Maurice’s processing house. He only mixes up breakfast sausage and gives us a choice of mild, medium or spicy. His mix is an envelope of a prepared mix which probably includes preservatives such as MSG. We decided to research our own mix of herbs and spices so we can stay true to what we are doing here on the farm with all natural ingredients and no added preservatives.
What we did was come up with 12 recipes and we divided them into 5 categories, Breakfast Sausage, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Specialty Sausage and Bangers. Bangers can be an English or Irish sausage and are traditionally served with mashed potatoes and baked beans. “Bangers and Mash”! We had 14 people which included 4 teenagers. We also had a local chef, a local butcher, a couple from Great Britain, and some family and friends. Each category had a score card to cast a vote and offer comments. The following are the best of each category and the comments our friends and family offered.

This one was a tie with BS2 7-7. We chose this one over the other based on the comments offered.
“good- I tasted more herbs” “nice flavor but a bit saltier than #2” “very good-very herby” “has more zing than the others” “#3 would be my choice as a signature breakfast sausage, slightly unique” “great flavor- something different and unique”
“is well balanced” “Best flavor and most unique- spices are right on- don’t change a thing”

Breakfast Sausage BS3
3 lb ground pork
1 ½ TBLSP kosher salt
1 ½ tsp rubbed sage
1 tsp summer savory
½ tsp ground nutmeg
1 1/3 tsp marjoram
1 tsp ground black pepper

Mix seasonings in food processor until blended.
Mix with ground pork and case.

The next category was the Sweet Italian Sausage and this Bulk Sweet Italian Sausage won 12-2!
“More flavorful” “This one is good just the way it is” “Liked overall flavor throughout” “Excellent flavor-true sweet sausage” “Good but needs fennel seed” “Both were great. A bit milder than traditional Italian Sweet Sausage- this one has more flavor”

Bulk Sweet Italian Sausage BI1
1 TBLSP kosher salt
1 TBLSP chopped fresh fennel fronds
¾ tsp fresh ground pepper
¼ tsp cayenne
¾ tsp dried oregano
¾ tsp dried ground thyme
4 garlic clove peeled and chopped
2 TBLSP water

Mix all of the seasonings together in food processor until blended. Add ice water and add to ground pork. Mix and case.

The next one was a Hot Italian Sausage. The following won 12-3.
“Liked the spice” “Has more flavor and punch” “Liked the fennel taste” “Excellent”
“Good- hot and spicy” “Needs fennel seed” “Maybe needs a thinner casing” “It has heat but the heat covers up the flavor”

Hot Italian Sausage
3 lb ground pork
1 TBLSP kosher salt
¾ tsp fresh ground black pepper
3 tsp crushed red pepper
1 ½ TBLSP paprika
¾ tsp ground thyme
1 TBLSP fresh fennel fronds
¾ tsp finely minced garlic

Combine seasonings in food processor and mix until blended.
Add to 3 lb ground pork and case.

The next one was called the Specialty category. I created two of my own recipes…kind of an experiment. One was called Spicy Homemade and the other was a Garlic and Crimini mushroom. The Spicy Homemade won 8-7.
“Definitely different, this is really good” “Yum! Just really enjoyed it” “Good strong flavor that sets it apart” “full bodied flavor” “great entrée w/side” “has more snap but really enjoyed both sausages” “It is really different. When I first tasted it I thought it was really odd and not sure I liked it...what was that taste? Once I recognized the allspice and mace, I loved it. Great sausage, really different, a great seller”

Spicy Homemade Sausage
3 lb ground pork
3 TBLSP Lawry’s seasoning salt
1 TBLSP white pepper
½ tsp Marjoram
½ tsp Savory
½ tsp All Spice
½ tsp crushed Coriander seeds
½ tsp Mace
½ tsp ground powdered Clove
1 TBLSP fresh chopped Sage

Mix seasonings in food processor to blend and case.

The last category was the bangers. These were harder to judge for most of us because we really aren’t that familiar with them. We judged them based on taste. There were three to pick from- One Irish and two English and they were all good but one really stood out. It won 15-1!
"Good taste and texture" "nice all around flavor" "great" "like the flavor and texture" "salty, light ginger?" "#1 is most traditional" "is excellent. very good consistency" "by far the best banger in my book ol'chap" "good texture and flavor"

Irish Bangers IB1
¾ tsp ground white pepper
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp rubbed sage
½ tsp mace
2 TBLSP kosher salt
4 TBLSP unflavored bread crumbs

Mix with 3 lb ground pork and case.

*Finally, in the best overall category it was a tie between the Hot Italian Sausage and the Irish Bangers!!

Thanks to everyone who came to participate last night. It was great fun and so nice to have such a wonderful group of family, friends and new friends help us on our quest for a few good recipes!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Changes and Babies four

Babie turkeys in their brooder

Peacocks in their freshly "hayed" pen
George and his three girl friends

Changes and Babies Three

Here are some pictures of our piglets that were born on labor day, there is three in here and they have been cleaning out the berry bed.

The chickens are our Delaware's and will be used as a meat bird with some being saved at egg layers, these are a heirloom breed and we hope that they will provide a richer taste to our brooler sales compaired to the cornish cross birds

Changes and Babies two

Here is Pearl and Thelma who had their piglets weaned on friday, the ladies are NOT happy and have whined for 4 days

Here are some of our layers, the pigs had been in there to clean up that area and this is the first the girls have been on fresh hay

Pearl and Thelma's babies
This is George and his three ladie friends.

This is the new peacock barn minus the skylight that will cover the open hole.

Changes and Babies One

Cornish Cross babies in the brooder

Our house lot wih the split rail taken down, the lookout tower gone, all the wood picked up, 1 1/2 acres raked, limed, fertilized and seeded